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Happy Holidays and WorldVII Competition

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 21, 2009, 2:28 PM
Hey all!

First of all, we would like to say a big Happy Holidays to everyone out there. No matter what religion you are, what belief you have, what holiday you celebrate, have a great one from all of us here at WorldVII

Second of all...WorldVII Competition!
This is an art competition, but to be honest everyone, no matter what your skill level is free to enter. So what is it, you ask?


There is a scene in the film, and indeed the upcoming trailer that involves a character using a 'zippo' style lighter. Our competition is for YOU to design it. We will then transfer the winning design onto a lighter and it will be used in the film. Isn't that just neat?

Things to bear in mind:

- The design will be painted/printed onto a metallic lighter
- It cant be ShinRa related
- Please do not use over the top shading/texture as this cannot be transfered very easily at all
- If you are cast/crew you are still welcome to enter this, however please keep in mind exactly who the lighter is for. If you need to ask, you will be slapped over the head with 'The Book'

Even if you want to just design some squiggly pattern, all entries are welcomed and the top ten will be featured on the journal announcing the winner.

The closing date is January 31st 2010, the winner will be announced February 2nd ^^ The winning artist will also get named in the credits of the film itself (This is pretty obvious, but still...Isn't it COOL!)

Thanks guys, happy drawing, and try not to do anything silly for the holidays!

-Z & Sammi

PS Lu punched herself into the wall earlier. No. Seriously. T_T Not sure how...But I was cracking up for a good half an hour.

PPS She also knocked all the Christmas presents out from under the tree without touching them. ...Idiot.


WorldVII has gone premium! (Plus, cast update)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2009, 5:17 AM
Hey everyone! I splashed out today (a whole £4) and bought us a premium membership! So, enjoy the shiny new WorldVII widgets!

We now have:

- The shoutboard to the side, with FAQ's and so on.
- A shoutbox for your shouting needs!
- A poll! A slightly boring one but it'll change soon!
- Journal skins! Now, I promise we will make a WORLDVII journal skin real soon. For now, enjoy our shiny pretty one.
- A personal forum at the bottom of the page, where you can rant and rave and I will store important details!
- A Twitter box for the WORLDVII twitter!

Just a short update because I'm off to the GP.

Please also welcome T-ucker, xRippedxTightsx and x-RiTsUkA-ChAn-x to the cast!

Enjoy our page, and feel free to throw suggestions for what you want to see on here our way!

Hi guys!

Sammi here, just to let you know about everything thats been going on in the last couple of days. Myself and Z have been busy busy little bunnys. Now you all have that really disturbing image in your head, I shall continue.


- There have been a lot of changes/is going to be a lot of changes going on. Some of the cast is being...Well...Recast (Say a big hello to our latest cast members roguearcanis and wings-of-crimson).

- Please also keep ideas coming in for the Spring fundraiser. It would be really cool if this happened this time (Seeing as the summer one kinder disappeared with myself and Z going on a hiatus)

- We are still after extras and crew members, as well as we adore the concept art that came in. Please, keep it up ^^

- Also a big welcome to death-may-die who has kindly agreed to help us with all the weapon making. Go check out his dA for his photography work, its worth it!

- There will be a complete cast photoshoot at MCM Expo in October. Please come and say hi to us ^_^

- WorldVII: The Hollow Soldier trailer is officially in the pipeline and scripted, and should be released to you all at some point in the next few months.


- Please guys, go and check the forums. We have had a production meeting (and will be having another tomorrow) and there are some major script changes going on, as well as costume changes (some of which have already been redesigned). I'm sorry we're going to have a take a firm approach here, but if you do not comment on the forums in the next 10 days we will assume you are no longer interested in the project and will unfortunately have to find replacements.  (PS Emi, we sorted out why you couldnt access the cast area, it was because of your reclassification, its all sorted now ^^) If anyone else is having a problem with the forums, please message either myself or Lu on our personal dA's and we will sort it out for you.

Love and Peace guys!

What I am planning in terms of a fundraiser is going to be like a mini convention, in the form of a


before you tell me off for inventing a solstice that doesn't exist, remember that noone knows what sort of holidays they may have in the FF7 world. It's got a nice ring to it, anyway, don't you think?

Heres the plan:

I want to rent out the conference room of a hotel, and throw a weekend party, selling tickets to raise funds.

It would, to celebrate spring properly, start at midday-ish and go on through the night.

Here is what I'm hoping for!:

- A casual barbeque lunch
- A cosplay competition
- Q&A session panel about WORLDVII!
- A donation drive (because what sort of fundraiser doesn't have one?)
- Some more afternoon activities! (give me ideas, people!)
- A formal dinner banquet, with a dance floor
- Live music
- Possibly fireworks at the end!

What do you think of the idea?

I need more ideas for activities in the day. Competitions are good, maybe a raffle. Perhaps other panels, or games of some sort. All FF7 themed, of course! The entire party would be.

This would be in February or April, as there are two big events in March and May! I'd like everyone to come to this. Even if you live abroad, it'll be at a hotel, so no excuses ;D

Tell me ALL your ideas, lovelies. I would like to know what you want at this party, what you'd like to eat, what you'd like to drink, what songs you'd like to dance to, and how much you think it should cost to get in!
Hiya all. Director here!

Just to say, we're back online and undergoing a massive revival, so watch this space. Thank you all for your support!

Emily Crees, aka Ladywhitetiger is being incredibly helpful and taking over my emails and the other worldvii internet dealings for me, because i just don't have the time to do it.

If you need to contact worldvii, or you have any questions, please note us here or email her/me on

Expect to hear from us soon!

WORLDVII ONLINE - (in progress)
Contact worldvii directly -

Looks like WorldVII is finally getting back on track; My car is fixed so my ability to get places to film is greatly improved.

WorldVII did a panel at London Film and Comicon 09, where we had an extras sign up; there should be some footage on youtube soon enough. It definitely served as a reminder to SPREAD THE WORD and get other people involved and/or advertise. You know what I mean.

It also reminded me about the contest. Seeing as there was such little interest in the contest, it's cancelled but I'd like to try again. Would anyone be interested in this? Let me know.

There's going to be some costume changes from the original photographs. It's a secret, but I promise you'll like the final production.

We're still looking for extras, runners, artists, CG artists, seamstresses and anyone who can help donate via paypal/cheque/handing over fabric and wood and the like.

The cookout has been cancelled due to 80% of the cast who could come turning round and saying they can't.

I think that's all for now! Let me know if you're interested in doing another art or video or whatever contest, make suggestions and the like!


Actually, this is another fundraising post.

But we're going to organize an event, like a big WorldVII fete!!!

At this event we will hopefully have:

[*] A chocobo cookout (a big BBQ!)
[*] Stalls where people can sell their art, plushies, books, games etc.
[*] A raffle!
[*] Games stalls (A coconut shy where they're all painted as Rude! A pellet gun range where all the targets are Tseng! A water-balloon Battle Arena!)
[*] Fun games (Tug of war, Chocobo-egg-and-spoon-race, Two-legged Turk race!)
[*] A WorldVII cast rounders match and other sports (taking bets!!!)
[*] Sponsor a WorldVII member to do something stupid! (We want to get the boys to wax their legs!)
[*] Drinks stall!
[*] Face painting!
[*] Perhaps a Q&A?
[*] WorldVII merchandise!

Any other ideas? Your opinions please?

Let me know who'd be interested in coming! It would be in London!
I didn't really want to push the other journal out the way but this is important.

WorldVII is now on TWITTER. It means you can follow exactly what we're doing on set/at rehersals/what happens during auditions and all our stupid quotes of the day all the time! If you have one, follow us at ... if you don't, get one and do the same!

Can you put your heart and soul into something?
Do you have an eye for beauty that can blow peoples minds? Or an ear for music?
Are you passionate about film or audio?
Can you do martial arts, paint, build, draw, fight, photograph, compose, carry, drive, assist?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and live in the UK, read on. Theres a job for everyone!

WorldVII is deep into preproduction now, verging on production. We now need a hard-working, willing team to help us make the magic happen. You don't need to be professional, you don't even need experience, just the willingness and drive to take part.

We need:

an ART DIRECTOR: This would be someone whose passionate about films and/or has a real eye for beauty. You would be overseeing how perfect costumes are, locations, props, etc.

a COSTUME ARTIST: This would be someone who really knows Final Fantasy VII, who could point out all the details and imperfections on costumes so we can get them right. You would also approve costume plans for new characters.

a SFX DESIGNER: This would be someone in charge of stunts and fight scenes, simply making sure they look realistic. Would work closely with the choreographers.

CHOREOGRAPHERS: These are people who can do martial arts/screen fighting/boxing and/or dancing. They would be choreographing fight scenes along with myself and the SFX designer to make them look realistic and impressive.

a DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: This would be someone with a real eye for photography. Anyone who can take stunning photographs of people and places can be a director of photography. This would involve coming on location and deciding where we should point the cameras to make the film visually stunning and dramatic.

a PRODUCER: Anyone whose good at raising morale and raising money. This would be an official job for one person; people can still run donation drives for us, but the co-producer would be in charge of them.

an ASSISTANT-DIRECTOR: Anyone that's good at bossing people around. Your job would be to make sure the actors and crew are all going to show up on time and keep track of them.

a LIGHTING DIRECTOR: Keep track of where the light and shadows are and direct the lighting team to keep continuity and so on.

a LIGHTING TEAM: A team of people responsible for moving lights around and properly lighting the scenes. (also known as Gaffer's and Best Boys).

ASSISTANT CAMERA: Someone organized. Sets up cameras, keeps them clean, keeps the tapes labelled and organized, controls the clapperboard (keep track of every shot we take, write on the clapperboard, and clap down on it (fun!) before every shot. A basic knowledge of camera angles helpful but not neccessary.).

a CAMERA TEAM: As with the Director of Photography, this is anyone who can point a camera in the right place and get a nice shot. This would be people who like film/have an eye for beauty. Anyone who can photograph people or places well.

a CONTINUITY PHOTOGRAPHER: Any photographer. Your job is to photograph every angle at the end of each scene so we can set everyone up the same way the next time we need to film. You'd also photograph actors multiple times at the end of every scene so we can note down every costume detail and hair out of place.

a SET DESIGNER/BUILDER TEAM: People who like to make thing, rearrange rooms, paint, etc. Speaks for itself. We need a couple of sets built and arranged. Also, one team member (known as the grip) would take orders from the director and set up each scene according to their vision.

a BOOM OPERATOR: Waves the microphone in the actors faces.

a SOUND RECORDER: Operates the... surprise! Sound recorder. You would record the actors speaking on set, etc. Very important that this is done precisely or we'd be doing a whole lot of ADR in post-production. Maybe even more than one person for this.

a MAKEUP ARTIST TEAM: Self-explainitory. You'd be putting makeup on the actors. The most difficult thing you'll probably have to do is make someone bald.

a COMPOSER/MUSIC DESIGNER: Writes, records, and remixes music for the film. Can be more than one person.

an AUDIO DESIGNER: Designs the sound effects for the movie. Has a team of 'foley artists' to record sounds. Can be more than one.

FOLEY ARTISTS: People who record sounds to make sound effects.

RUNNERS: People who make and fetch tea and coffee on set, carry bags, equipment etc. Loads needed!

DRIVERS: People with cars of their own who can drive some of our cast and crew to locations. Loads needed!

Don't be intimidated by the fancy titles! We are looking for amateurs just as much as we're looking for experienced people here! This is an amateur production! PLEASE, if you think you can do ANY of these things, note me or comment!

And the best two things you could do to help?

1. REPOST THIS ON YOUR JOURNAL/BLOG/LJ/FACEBOOK with a link to contact me here or at

2. DONATE TO HELP FUND THIS. You'll get your name in the credits and we'd love you forever.


Anyone who can draw, likes to draw, wants to try...

I need some concept art! The task is simple --- draw your own artists impression of the Cetra (Ancient, Aeris' race). Not Aeris herself but you can draw her in if you feel like it. What will you get in return? LOVE. Oh, and credit in the film.

Another way to get credit in the film is DONATE. Any donation of £1 or above, gifted on paypal, means you'll be credited at the end of the film for your help. The paypal for worldvii is ''. Donations are to be made as gifts to that account.

If you donate, just note me and tell me your name for the credits!

NOTE: jowyn asked for more information about what I want from the Cetra. I was thinking pale, pixie-ish features, lord of the rings maiden dresses (like Eowyn) but you know... square-enix it up a little with accessories and whatever you like... long loose hair, pastel and natural colours... travelling shoes because they are a migrating people and travel the planet. They're spiritual too, take that into account. Be creative! I don't just want to see a hundred Aeris clones :)

My daddy is fantastic. He bought us today, which currently links to the forum but will eventually link to our very own website (eventually meaning sometime in the next month when my coding is up to scratch again.)

You can now contact me on and sammi on



Hey guys, I'm back. Just thought I'd let you know what's going on with us!

So today is March 11th - SFX magazine released a new issue today, which should have us somewhere in the 'your SFX' pages. Go check it out! It's the one with David Tennant on the cover (swoon!).

Characters we still need! We have no definitely CLOUD. Which is freaking essential, you know? There's no Hollow Prince without... uh... the main character. Bug your friends, even if they've never cosplayed Cloud before. I will be reading his part at the script readthrough for now.

Vincent is being most probably played by alinthea. Before ANYONE even TRIES to whine about not seeing and audition and blah-de-blah like before, I didn't decide before I'd met him more than once, spoken to him, made sure he was dedicated, sized him up for the part, so no complaining please. The decision is mine to make.

We still need the Remnants. Unfortunately, it's kind of neccessary these characters are actually played by males because... well... they get to be topless. It's only a brief cameo with maybe one line, maybe less... However, girls can still audition because if we find noone else, I'll have to change the topless bit and go with what I can get. Either comment, note me or do a youtube audition. Not massively bothered now because it's getting late and we're desperate.

We still need EXTRAS! This is work that can go on your CV or university application! I will write you a reference! This also applies to anyone who wants to help out as crew on set (runners, camera ops, lighting, sound, make up, costumes, etc.) All this help is still needed!


From tonight until the 21st of February, I will be absent from the forum and deviantArt. I will check my emails on Sunday night, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, if you need to speak to me.

For the first time since I've started this project, college has very much become a priority. If I fail this course, WorldVII will have to stop too so please don't complain. I'm sure Sammi (RandomRper) can answer any questions you have between now and then.

Wish me luck with my end of semester project?

And I'll see you at Telford if you're coming.

- Z
Bloo (papercutperfect) cannot longer play our Cloud for worldvii for various reasons. The photoshoot is still going ahead with all the rest of the cast!

We're still looking for a Cloud. Anyone who knows a good one or is interested, please just contact us and we will discuss it.

Thanks a lot!

- Z…

that is all.


What the hell is WorldVII?…
Preliminary dates:…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:
What the hell is WorldVII?…
Preliminary dates:…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:


Tomorrow at midnight, the auditions finally close. You have just hours to get them in!

Regarding LATE ENTRIES (aka after the deadline):

The shortlist for the cast will be announced at 1am on Sunday morning. Any character who ISN'T announced on the list has not been cast, and this means you may still audition there will be no deadline and I will just pick as the options come up as we are running out of time before filming. You HAVE to be available on Saturday February 7th for a photoshoot! (unless you've already consulted me about it) I cannot stress this enough. It's vital to the promotional work we're doing.

To anyone who HAS auditioned already, PLEASE PLEASE inform me if the 7th is NOT going to be okay to come to BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET for a photoshoot at 12.30 on February 7th.

Thanks and good luck.

What the hell is WorldVII?…
Preliminary dates:…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:


I know I said only one more warning but I'll probably post another after this too.

FIVE DAYS until auditions deadline, okay?

Get your tapes in quick!

- Z
What the hell is WorldVII?…
Preliminary dates:…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:


HEY GUYS. EIGHT DAYS TIL DEADLINE. All UK auditions MUST be in within the next 8 days if you want a chance to act a character of your choice! If you still want to be in the project and cannot put an audition in by deadline, please note or comment me because we are going to need extras and minor characters and such!
ALSO! Do not forget about our contest:…
We need more entries. Check it out, guys!

Also... I need someone who can QUICKLY do a good line art out of a scanned drawing and colour it on illustrator or photoshop. PLEASE tell me if you can. It's not a massive image, and probably won't take long to do.
What the hell is WorldVII?…
Preliminary dates:…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:


It will probably surprise most of you (Including the unannounced cast) that the first milestone for WorldVII was completed yesterday. Yes. The step from the internet to reality was taken and we had our first photoshoot.

What? I know.

The photoshoot took place in Birmingham city center yesterday afternoon with the "Secret Cast" of three characters. When are you going to find out who they are? You're not :D I won't be announcing their positions so you're just going to have to wait for the film to come out!

However, the day was a great success! Lots of photos were taken, people had fun, there was no complaining and there was a good energy on shoot. Now, the rest of the cast has the challenge of living up to the same on the February 7th photoshoot - nothing has been announced about whose playing who, don't worry - that will come February first but remember! KEEP THAT DATE OPEN.

- Z
What the hell is WorldVII?…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:


WorldVII is hosting a contest! Anyone can take part!

The contest is to WIN THE CHANCE TO CAMEO IN OUR FILM, AND INTRODUCE THE FINAL CUT OF THE FILM. You'll also win the chance for you and a friend to attend the premiere!


The contest is to create promotional material for WorldVII!

This can be anything, from artwork, to writing and t-shirts, stickers or a youtube video - anything you can think of! All I ask is if you ARE going to graffiti (or find another illegal way to promote us), please don't get caught!

The deadline for the contest is the 30th of June! The judges favorite piece of promotional material will win.


1. Create your promotional material.
2. Scan, photograph, upload, or even post it to us if you have to!
3. On deviantArt, upload it and call it '[artwork name] - WORLDVII' and link to our page in the description!
4. Send us a note with a link to it!
5. Wait impatiently to see if you have won ;D


1. Nothing too explicit.
2. No stealing/submitting other peoples artwork
3. No chasing us with fiery mobs and pitchforks if you don't win! there will be more contests!
4. You can submit TWO entries to contest.

That's all folks! Get promoting!

First submission!!!

1.… TheFatedOne89


Current Important Dates:

    * January 31st - UK Auditions Closed
    * February 1st - UK Cast Announced
    * February 7th - UK Cast Photoshoot (Location to be announced) - Please, everyone that has applied, keep this date open
    * March 7th - Filming commences (Schedules will be sent out for individuals with the scripts)

If you are given a part, please please please note, it is your responsibility to message Z with your home (University/Where ever you may be living) address as soon as possible, so you can be posted a hard copy of the script. If you do not do this you may not have your script in time for the immediate filming.

Also if you are cast and there are any dates you seriously cannot do, please inform Z ASAP

Which scene will be filmed first will be down to who we have cast and which locations we can get to.
What the hell is WorldVII?…
The WorldVII forum:…
Directly contact WorldVII's creator:

So...Here is a simple, quick, easy way to add all those special WorldVII dates into your diary's, calenders, beer mat, whatever....

Current Important Dates:

    * January 31st - UK Auditions Closed
    * February 1st - UK Cast Announced
    * February 7th - UK Cast Photoshoot (Location to be announced) - Please, everyone that has applied, keep this date open
    * March 7th - Filming commences (Schedules will be sent out for individuals with the scripts)

If you are given a part, please please please note, it is your responsibility to message Z with your home (University/Where ever you may be living) address as soon as possible, so you can be posted a hard copy of the script. If you do not do this you may not have your script in time for the immediate filming.

Also if you are cast and there are any dates you seriously cannot do, please inform Z ASAP

Which scene will be filmed first will be down to the cast available.